HacK App Data apk

By | June 20, 2019

Hack app data apk

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Be a real hacker and hack phones of your friends like computer hacker.
Select time to show hack message, it can pop up at any given time even if the user is using another application.

Use cases:

  1. Install it on a your phone or your friend’s phone.
  2. Choose time to released and hack prank your friends with ultimate laugh.

Instant Messaging, only more powerful

** Please note: Hack is an Instant Messaging app which must be installed on your friends’ phones as well to work **

Hack is a brand new take on the traditional Instant Messaging app. Hack allows you to safely communicate with your friends in new, innovative ways – like remotely playing fart sounds on their phone 🙂

And it’s FREE!

Once you and your friends have registered, you can:

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